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The researches are being planned using historical and qualitative research methodology. Data based on the primary sources – Qur'an and Sunnah – are bing collected and analyzed in the light of the Prophetic model as exemplified in Seerah books, examples of the Companions of the Prophet, and Tafsirs as well as the contemporary situation of the Muslims. On the basis of this descriptive analysis the Islamic perspective on each issue will be arrived at to offer conclusions and recommendations. 

Quantitative research methodology is being used to support the research/s. Surveys are being used to conduct pre-research in the form of personal and online questionnaires to make an analysis of the views of people on the various aspects of Islam. This will be followed up with regular updates and interactions with the respondents on the interim results of the research/s. To evaluate the effectiveness of the findings post-research surveys will be undertaken using the same questionnaires. The changes in views of the respondents will provide support and qualify the conclusive findings. 

Presently a pre-research survey is being conducted for the doctoral research being conducted by Naghma Siddiqi at Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi. 

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