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Dr. Farida Khanam

Dr. Farida Khanam is the primary Islamic scholar of the Islam and Peace Project. Having a doctorate in Islamic Studies, Dr. Khanam has vast experience in the field of Islam and Peace. Besides her doctoral thesis she has to her credit the authorship and translation of many books such as A Simple Guide to Islam, Life and Teachings of Prophet Muhammad, A Simple Guide to Sufism and many more. She is a regular contributor of articles to journals, newspapers and magazines. Her most important contribution is the rendering and editing of the translation and commentary of The Quran by Maulana Wahiduddin Khan with parallel Arabic text in simple and contemporary English. She is also the Associate editor of the monthly journal, Spirit of Islam

Quran Translation and Commentary

The Quran, English Translation, Goodword Books, New Delhi 

The Quran, English Translation and Commentary with parallel Arabic text, Goodword Books, New Delhi

Books of Dr Farida Khanam

A Simple Guide to Islam, Goodword Books, New Delhi

Life and Teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, Goodword Books, New Delhi

A Guide to Sufism, Goodword Books, New Delhi

Articles of Dr Farida Khanam

What is Religion? sent to Islam in the Modern Age, Zakir Husain Institute of Islamic Studies, JMI for publication

The Origin and Evolution of Sufism sent to Al-Idah Shaykh Zayed Islamic Centre, University of Peshawar, Pakistan for publication

Women's Rights in Islam sent to Naveen Samajic Shodh in Bhopal for publication