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Rajat Malhotra

Rajat Malhotra has received his doctorate in “A Study of the Arabian Society after the Advent of Islam with Specific reference to the Life of Prophet Muhammad.” Besides being the CPS International Education Program Global Coordinator, he is a regular contributor of articles on Islam and modernity like peace, democracy, jihad and more to various journals. He is a regular participant and organizer of interfaith and Islamic programs.

His academic interest of Islam in relation to modernity, peace and interfaith dialogue is applied through his efforts at Center for Peace and Spirituality’s national and International initiatives towards dialogue and peace building efforts with different faiths. His objective understanding of Islam is reflected in his words  at a program at IIC, New Delhi covered by Life Positive magazine:

"Do not judge Islam based on the actions of Muslims. Evaluate the actions of Muslims using Islamic tenets."

He continues to contribute extensively to Center for Peace and Spirituality by presenting the true face of Islam through his articles, presentations and participation in national and international programs.

1. Ramadan helps you pause and reflect, The Times of India, June 29, 2014, Leading English daily,

2. “Significance of ReligionIslamic Voice Online Portal.



  1. Ahimsa – The Only Way, Covered by Life Positive, India International Center, New Delhi, August 11, 2007.
  2. Non-Violence – The Way Forward,” International Day of Non-Violence, October 2, 2013, Organized by Indialogue Foundation, New Delhi.
  3. Master of Ceremonies for Q & A program, Islamic Zindagi on Zee Salam Television.
  4. Has undertaken Live programs on television.
  5. Master of Ceremonies for Weekly Lectures of Maulana Wahiduddin Khan that are broadcast regularly on ETV Urdu and webcast live globally.
  6. Understanding Religion, Mission, Jihad and Peace organized by Vidya Jyoti College
  7. Discuss Dawah, Interfaith Dialogue and Peace organized by vidya jyoti college
  8. Participated in the dialogue Seminar on “Building Peace through Learning and Understanding: A Buddhist initiative of dialogue with Hinduism and with Islam” held on 28-29 Nov’ 2013 organized by “Osmania University Centre for International Programmes” in collaboration with “World Buddhist Culture Tust”.


Represented CPS International and participated in the undermentioned programs with the Founder Maulana Wahiduddin Khan.

International Programs:

1. Nuclear Disarmament Forum, Switzerland, 2002.

2. The Civilization of Peace, Faiths and Cultures in Dialogue, Cyprus, 2008.

3. New World New Peaceorganized by Peres Center for Peace at Tel Aviv, Israel, 2008.

4. International Peace Conference, Poland, 2009.

5. Interfaith Program at Qatar, 2009.

6. Master of Ceremonies at Islam and Peace program, Dubai Aukaf, 2011.

7. Master of Ceremonies at Interfaith Programs, Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, USA, 2011 organized by Al-Risala Forum International on June 17-19, 2011.

8. Interfaith Program, Istanbul, 2012.