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Naghma Siddiqi

Naghma Siddiqi is the principal investigator and a research scholar of the project. Holding a doctoral degree in Islam and peace, she is an editor of the monthly magazine, Spirit of Islam and a regular contributor of articles in journals and newspapers, specifically on Islam, peace and modernity.

Having vast experience in the field of education and multimedia. Her articles have been published in newspapers and peer-reviewed journals. Her area of specialization is the importance of peace in the world and transforming individuals towards the culture of peace, thus making them duty-conscious. The result of such a transformation will be the formation of a peaceful society. 

She is presently developing and running the Certificate Courses of the CPS International Education Program and is the Coordinator of the CPS International Academic Coordinator.     


Development through Unilateral Peace in a Globalized World at National Seminar on Globalization, Multiculturalism and Peace-building in the XXI Century Prospects and Challenges organized jointly by Interfaith Foundation India and Indialogue Foundation, New Delhi on 19-20 April, 2014.
Change Your Mindsets Towards Peace and Non-Violence presented at ‘Antargyan’ Fest 2013 (October 7-10, 2013) at Ramanuj College, Delhi University on October 7, 2013.
Application of Islamic Ethics In Daily Life I Two-Day Workshop Power of Ethics In Learning, Institute of Life Long Learning, Delhi University I March 20-21, 2013
Transformation Paradigm for Peace I National Seminar of Islamic Studies Research Scholars I March 22 - 23 March 2012
Building Bridges Through Islam and Peace I Bridges – A Dialogue of Youth on Communal Harmony I March 25, 2011 at Conference Hall # 1 Jamia Hamdard Conference Centre
Islam's Role In Transforming Individuals Towards The Culture of Peace I Naveen Samajik Shodh ISSN Journal I March, 2013
We Are A Part Of The Solution I Speaking Tree, The Times of India, New Delhi I January 3, 2013
Need For Education For Peace I Document on Human Unity, Peace and Education – Interfaith Perspective in Education by Balmiki College of Education, Delhi University I November 2012